COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

Notice of Office Restrictions & Closure for Non-Essential Procedures & Appointments

GI Health Centre is committed to our patients’s safety during this time. We are adhering to all government requests regarding COVID-19 and implementing all necessary precautions.

Our clinic will be closed to the public from March 20th until April 5th. During this time there will be admin staff working, available to answer phone calls, emails, etc. Any patient experiencing alarming or emergency situations should present direct to the hospital.

All non-essential procedures and consults will be rescheduled until at least late April; or based on further notification.

If you had an appointment, including a consult, follow-up or procedure, booked any time between March 18th to April 6th, we are working diligently to contact each and every one of you regarding your booking. Patients booked for consults and follow-ups will be given the option for a tele discussion with the Gastroenterologist or to reschedule after April 18th to meet in person.

Your patience and understanding during this time is greatly appreciated as we collectively work towards keeping everyone safe.